Case studies on consolidating it service desks

Our Datacenter Consolidation services help you achieve this objective and provide several benefits including: Microland's services-led IT framework drives a centralized and standardized approach to the management of IT assets by measuring the maturity of your existing landscape. S healthcare brand was in an urgent need to upgrade their ageing and crumbling infrastructure.

G10 recruiting team developed a rigorous, proprietary technical evaluation and screening process to accelerate the qualification process without compromising on quality and accuracy. Building Next Generation Talent Healthcare data analytics company challenges Genesis10 to recruit and groom recent college grads for Agile software development, data, and business analytics roles. The team was engaged and contributing individually within 45 days as part of a deliberate contract-to-hire program, right-sizing the team and creating career progression opportunities for the college graduates.

When you sign up for Service Consolidation with Brains II Canada, Inc.

you’ll immediately cut your maintenance cost and complexity.

Document Generation & Management Genesis10 provides ongoing business-as-usual application management support services.

By leveraging our Domestic Outsourcing services and consolidating operations for this Fortune 700 financing and leasing firm, Genesis10 was able to cut costs, improve service levels and provide a predictable service. airline transforms IT development from Waterfall to Agile.