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The new machine raised production rates from 1 item per minute to over 30 items per minute.When the 1929 stock market crash hit, the company responded by developing a 15-mold machine that could produce 90 pieces of blown glass per minute.Vitrock, Lustre Shell, etc.), a result of the manufacturing process.Like Gulf Oil, Texaco was founded in 1901 after a major oil strike at Spindletop near Beaumont, Texas.Once again I am going to try and sell from the website in addition to auctions listed on e Bay.We probably have over 2,000 pieces of glass in inventory, but we will mainly list the more rare pieces.These events prompted intense research into a whole new field of technology.The first commercial radio station to be licensed under federal regulations enacted in 1920 was KDKA in Pittsburgh. From these humble beginnings, radio quickly took off.

The development of a revolutionary machine that pressed glass automatically would save the company when the Great Depression hit.

As you can see in the pictures below, we have hundreds of boxes of glass in storage.

There are items we haven't been able to find for years and they are undoubtedly in the boxes.

You might even find a scratch that goes “under your decal” and then continues without ever having the scratch in the decal part. Sometimes things could be missing or the details not defined as well as they should be or worse missing altogether. Lettering and Fonts might be a different than the original.

Comparing the lettering on two mugs you can usually spot differences that will help you identify a fake. Depending on the process used to apply the decal to a fake mug you’ll notice that it might have a different texture or feel when rubbing your finger over it or looking at it in a good photo or under bright light. Colors may be a little off from the original or company branding.