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“I was like, ‘I am dead, and everything is about to happen right now,’ ” he says.

He was about to self-Heimlich on the back of a chair when he finally coughed the ham out of his windpipe.

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It was March 8, 2014, and traffic to his over-the-top blog, Porn Burger, had just gone through the roof after a mention on the technology website

And as he was sitting at his kitchen table, watching it all happen, he took a bite of a ham sandwich and began to choke.

Our neighbour frequently stands on the balcony staring at me while I hang out the washing or play with my kids.

Perhaps you could tell him that it's not ok to take photos and that it makes you uncomfortable.

Today, the revelation that entrepreneur Robert Scoble wears Google Glass in public restrooms alarmed many. I was wearing his pair of Glasses and was looking at the text message function.

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he day Mathew Ramsey went viral was nearly his last.