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“Our goal is to reinvent various genres; with ‘Live PD,’ we busted open the doors and brought true transparency in law enforcement to television for the first time, and we knew that this unique viewing experience could translate into other formats,” Dan Cesareo, President, Big Fish Entertainment.“With ‘Date Night Live,’ Lifetime gave us the incredible opportunity to turn the traditional dating show on its head with couples getting to know each other completely unvarnished for the first time on live TV, unfiltered and unedited.

I'm in the studio with my co-hosts, and we're watching the dates along with you, and it's totally unplanned, unscripted and it's gonna be really exciting.

He Paid Someone to Mug Me and Other First Date Horror Stories We've all been there! They're something everyone can relate to and bond over.

That's why we collected some of our favorites.

If you've ever been seated next to a couple on an obvious first date and wanted to share the cringe-worthy details with your friends, Lifetime has heard your pleas and feels the same way.

In the network's new live series, The show will use cutting-edge technology to flip between multiple dates going on simultaneously in separate cities; so we'll be privy to the awkward conversations, hilariously unforgettable moments, sparks of romance and everything in-between for dates happening in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas and San Diego.