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And you won't have to worry about design wins: the Marvell 88SE9130 6GB/s SATA Controller, as it is also known, will be embedded into ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI motherboards, and supported in Micron SSDs and hard disk drives from Seagate and Western Digital.

The chips could be mounted either attached to a motherboard chipset or on an add-on card.2 #48, 2003); confronted the Purple Man in prison, defeated him after his breakout, announced pregnancy to Cage (Alias #26-28, 2003-2004); met with J.Jonah Jameson about job offer (Pulse #1, 2004), married Luke Cage (New Avengers Annual #1, 2006)Jessica Jones possesses superhuman strength; the parameters of her strength are unrevealed, but she can lift an automobile with no discernible effort.Marvell is also looking at other markets, such as the home NAS, Marvell executives said.Using flash memory to accelerate data transfer has been a topic of discussion in the storage industry for years, dating back to Intel's Robson or Turbo Memory technology in 2006, which used a small flash chip as a quick-boot option; to Seagate's Momentus XT hard drive, which combines 4-Gbytes of SATA memory, a large 32-Gbyte cache, and an adaptive memory technology.