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While she's ranked a respectable In Wie's case, the truth isn't nearly that black-and-white. Is she a four-year LPGA vet with just two career victories? When she walks across the stage at Stanford's graduation ceremony on Father's Day, she will find herself staring at the intersection of Kobe and Kournikova -- poised to either become the champion everyone predicted or the prodigy whose hype outgrew her game. This is one of Wie's final trips home to Hawaii before returning to Jupiter, Fla., where she lives full time and can focus solely on golf for the first time in her life.Or a 22-year-old college kid with two wins already and an entire career ahead of her? She's upbeat at the photo shoot, as she always is on this isolated nugget of land in the middle of the Pacific.Michelle Wie (full name Michelle Sung Wie, or Wie Sung-Mi in Korean) is a professional golfer on the LPGA tour.She was born on the 11th of October 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States of America.

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In September 2007, Wie started at Stanford University.

Having become a professional golfer already, Wie was not allowed to play for the Stanford golf team, under NCAA rules.

"She is probably going to influence the golfing scene as much as Tiger," he said, "and maybe more." But nearly a decade later, Wie has yet to fulfill Palmer's prophecy.

She has missed her last three cuts and is playing the worst golf of her pro career.