My dropbox is not updating

Each operating system has a different way that you can do it.On Windows, you can either use the Command Prompt, or use an application.What I can NOT understand is lack of communication.I checked your twitter users @dropbox and @dropboxops, and thought the problem was on my side. Then I remembered the forum and came here for help.It’s really easy to use software and helps [manage] files over the cloud.

in some cases there’ll be a delay when syncing files through the desktop client but the delay shouldn’t last more than a minute or two.Dropbox Plus is a single home for your work and your personal stuff.With 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space, unrivaled sync, and offline access on all devices, everything is available no matter where or when you need it.Dropbox appears to be having significant issues as users have experienced slow speeds and/or inability to access their files for at least nine hours.Some users claim the site has been slow since Monday morning.