Robert pattinson and bella dating whos dougie poynter dating

The fandom of the Bella and Edward tandem wanted to see the two to be a couple in reality so badly it took a toll on the actress.

Stewart has admitted that they turned the relationship into a “product.” Huffington Post noted that the actress spoke about how the pressure and media attention made the romance seem “gross.”Speaking to T Magazine for the Fall Women’s Fashion issue, Kristen Stewart revealed why she is now ready to open about her personal life and sexuality than before.

Kristen Stewart‘s attempts to get over Robert Pattinson are getting more and more transparent, especially as she tries her best to move on from him permanently.

Unfortunately, she’s not quite as confident in her moving-on strategies, and her biggest attempt to forget Rob seems to be taking constant road trips.

"Rob walked out with the two of them and he was running his fingers through his hair and he had his head down," a source told . How she felt about sharing him with the other woman I'm not sure of," the witness said.

We already know that Kristen is throwing herself full pelt into her career, and traveling all over the world so she doesn’t risk running into Rob at one of their shared haunts in Los Angeles.

However, Kristen probably didn’t expect Rob to as apathetic to her situation as he’s being.

After the messy split, the couple finally moved on from the past and found love again.

The pair was in a whirlwind romance when the vampire saga dominated the movie charts.